When you have an odd or very challenging test request.

Field Evaluation Services, inc. excels in difficult and odd test request with solutions that work. Whether it’s warranty issue replication, closed course, low speed high scrub, curb/pothole simulation, bead/sidewall durability, tire or component harvesting, real-world ozone/exposure, production and location services, ohv tire testing, or anything else Field Evaluation Services, inc can develop a solution to suit your needs.

Field evaluation Services, inc is the only private company with a Bead Trailer dubbed BB1-4K.

The custom designed gooseneck trailer was engineered with no suspension allowing all road effects to be absorbed by tire to work the bead and sidewall for PCR, LTR, SUV, and STR. BB1-4K can be loaded up to 4K lbs. per wheel position. CNC machined steel bars provide high weight with a low center of gravity. STR tire tread wear and durability testing is also available. Field Evaluation Services, inc has trailers with load ranges from 5K to 14K.

Low speed high scrub testing is done on a 16 acer vda pad in the heart of Palm Springs, Field Evaluation Services, inc developed this test procedure for the development of new tires and retreads for spread axel and refuse applications.

Field Evaluation Services, inc. designed and built a mobile height adjustable curb for impact/pothole simulation testing.

The TIMCA7 features a selectable rounded or straight edges top block and is adjustable up to seven inches high. Tires are marked in 45° segments and numbered, paint strips are used to mark impact location and high-speed video is used to document the impacts. The tires are then taken for shearography, and tires are sectioned as needed.

Field Evaluation Services, Inc has access to a variety of public and private use lands here in Southern California for off-highway vehicle and tire testing. Landscapes consist of red Rocky Mountains, rolling hills, open valley, dry lake beds, and sandy washes.