Over The Road Dedicated EV Tread Wear Testing

California has led the United States in the number of EV’s and EV charging locations every year since 2016 according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Field Evaluation Services, Inc. is here to test your tires in the largest EV tire replacement market. Our BCV3EV test route is setup in an efficient 133-mile loop keeping the vehicles within a 30-mile radius of our facility. BCV3EV route has a total of 68 250kw, 8 150Kw, 2 72Kw Super Chargers available on route with an additional 56 250kw within 15 miles of our facility. Our BCV3EV-EX route is a 275-mile loop with 156 250Kw, 8 150Kw, 2 75Kw Super Chargers. California’s charging infrastructure allows us to achieve approximately 800 miles on our BCV3EV route and approximately 1,100 miles on our BCV3EV-EX route every day.

Data Transparency

Field Evaluation Services, Inc is a firm believer in data transparency. There is no waiting until the end of a test to get your measurement data and photos. After every measurement cycle, photos and measurement data are uploaded to our secure data portal and ANDAS (Automated Notification Data Alert System) notifies you that new data is available for download and review. This all happens within hours of a completed measurement cycle, no matter the test type or testing location.

  • Fast data transmission at 1Gbps
  • Real time test data progression.
  • Data uploads after every cycle, measurement data can’t be altered.
  • Allowing your team to make the right decisions quicker.

Data Integrity & Reporting

Field Evaluation Services, inc. is committed to providing and presenting high quality usable data to our customers. With over 520 hours of development and testing at an approximate cost of $49K, on our latest Tru-Sight™ data packages to increase data integrity and collection efficiency.

All test data is collected via our propriety wireless system directly to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone and presented in our copyrighted interactive spreadsheets. There are no hand calculations done at Field Evaluation Services, inc that is how we can deliver high quality usable test data quickly and efficiently throughout the test.


Along with per tire raw data, graphing and immense calculations our summary sheet collects and displays the latest cycle measurement data per tire including Tire ID,  DOT, Serial number, Tire make, model, size,  Last date of measurement, Current tire mileage in miles and kilometers, Psi and kPa averages for all completed measurement cycles, Current tire projections and wear rates in miles and kilometers, Current tire percentage worn, EST Tire Particle Emissions in grams per mile and grams per kilometer, Number of notes, and current cycle number.

Scale and Gauge Calibration Checks

Truck & Car scale calibration checks are done with our OTC 25-ton hydraulic press with custom load cell adaptor with read out in 2lbs increments to 50K LBS. To maintain the highest level of accuracy it is important to check scales throughout their range.

Floor scale calibration checks are done with calibrated certified, traceable, static weights.

TPMS sensors and air gauges are checked against our wall mounted calibrated master gauge with canaster adaptor.

Durometer-Shore A gauges are checked against hardness calibration blocks.

Mitutoyo gauges are checked against our custom designed calibrated hardened steel calibration blocks before and after every tire is measured in-house or in the field.

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