345 Million Field Tested Miles and Counting

Tru-sight™ Field Testing was developed in 1995 and derived from the same test setup and data collection procedures that we use in our dedicated testing services. When tires arrive, they are checked in logging DOT and serial number then grouped together as per the test specification. Tires are given a unique identification number that is branded into the sidewall along with 6 measurement markers approximately 60° apart. The 0-cycle measurements are taken then tires are palletized and shipped to the fleet’s location for installation.

Not all fleets are fit for field testing, we developed a proprietary Fleet Quality Audit to help find the best fleets. Over the last 29 years we have built strong lasting relationships with our fleets giving us access to vehicles day or night.

  • Instant access to fleets
  • 98.7% casing recovery, 7-year average
  • 100% casing accountability
  • Data transparency
  • Same measurement positions every time
  • Unbiased third party

Field test can be ran anywhere thanks to our Remote Support Units. If you don’t have time to run a field test and need some tires or components with verifiable mileages, we can help. We can harvest tires, components and anything else you need.

Field Testing Options

Tru-Sight™ Field Testing was designed for R&D development testing, Comparison, Competitor benchmarking, and sale departments that need high quality data to empower their sales teams.

Warranty Check+ was design to validate mileage warranty and casing life with far greater data collection than in-house field engineering services.

Warranty Check was design to validate mileage warranty and casing life with the same data collection as in-house field engineering services.

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