RST1 was built to support TBR and OHT tire testing

It features a 175psi gas powered air compressor, 8.5kw multi fuel power generation, heavy duty 20-ton & 50-ton air jacks, jack stands, mounting & installation tools, air and battery powered tools, truck alignment tool, truck scales, toolbox, 360° area lighting



RST2 was built to support prolonged operations in remote locations for PCR/LT and OHV tire testing

44-foot climate controlled gooseneck with the latest in Hunter engineering company mounting and balancing equipment, 60amp 12kw multi fuel power generation, solar power generation, power storage, DC power inverter, interior and exterior LED lighting,  Oasis Manufacturing continuous-duty DC air compressor, 175 psi AC air compressor, multi tank air storage, restroom, plenty of storage cabinets, tool cabinet, air and battery powered tools, jacks, stands, car scales, tire inspection station, wifi with a secure VPN link for voice a data transmission.

RST3 Coming Q3 2024

With an ever-increasing demand for real-world testing, it was time to add an additional remote support trailer. Field Evaluation Services, inc is committed in reducing our carbon footprint. The newest generation all electric RST unit will utilize the latest advancements in solar production, power storage, and power conversion technology. RST3’s green technologies will eliminate the need for fossil fuel powered support equipment. RST3 will serve PCR, TBR and OHT field test operation across the United States.

Field Evaluation Services, Inc has built custom trailers to support all your testing needs in remote locations.

Field Evaluation Services, Inc. has made significant investments in technology and equipment to adapt in an ever-changing industry. Whether it’s a field test or dedicated test, Field Evaluation Services, Inc can support your projects anywhere in the United States or Canada. While delivering high quality usable data in near real-time allowing your team to make the right decisions quicker.